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I know this isn't web, but a friend asked if I could do this, and it doesn't sound hard, its just slightly outside of my skillset.

He's a Landscape Contractor, he needs:

A client database that is easily searchable.
A list of projects under each client
An automatic notice of follow-up 7 days after a project is closed
A printable calendar schedule of jobs for a given day

Basically the idea is, a client calls his secretary, and while on the phone with them she looks them up and schedules them in. At the end of each day she prints an itinerary of the next day for the contractor.

They won't do for a web program because they are exceedingly not web savvy and they have dialup, so they are looking for something conventional like Access. If you have a better idea I'm all ears.

Contact me at jonathandevine at yahoo .com if you're interested. They have simple taste so this should be a quickie thing, I hope.

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Re: A Quick MS Access Jobby

A bit off the wall but what about using either mozilla sunbird (on it's own) or the 'lightning' version of it plugged into thunderbird?!

With sunbird on it's own it should be able to do everything but the client database.

If you use the tb/lightning combo (using tb for the clients/contact, which is searchable!) I think that should be able to do everything needed.

Just a thought!

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Re: A Quick MS Access Jobby

eHour is a "web-app" but it runs happily as a stand-alone and is cross-platform. It takes a little getting used to, but once you've walked through the docs and made an assignment or two, it falls into place. I think it ticks all your boxes, but I'm not sure about the follow-up 7-day notice thing. Still, worth a look?

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