Topic: Another audio issues thread

I'm pretty much a novice at actionscript. Nothing I've found on online tutorials does exactly what I'm doing, and most of them are for AS2, not AS3.

I just want to have several buttons (making a sort of list) above player. Each button starts a different mp3 (linked outside of the SWF).

Once the button is pressed, the regular play/stop/progress/volume things take over.

It seems simple, I've done it with video, but the FLV player component makes it easy. There isn't an audio component like the FLV one. … e-rotator/ That tutorial is too complicated... I don't really want an XML file, and I don't need autoplay, and I don't want it to jump from track to track. … 0tutorials That tutorial is too simple... it only plays one file.


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Re: Another audio issues thread

This isn't a perfect solution to what you described, but you can export an audio only FLV and use what you know about FLV's to make that work.

A while ago I made a school project that needed a complex music player - it's got volume controls, a scrub bar, next/previous track, album art and everything is XML driven.   It's easy enough to pull out of my project if you want to see the code. To see a working example of it I've still got that old school project online at - (it's the audio controls on the bottom left)

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