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Ok here is the situation. This client wants a website for woman, that I think she wants way too much on. Ok I messed up, let me explain. I have to come up with a way of simplifying this:

A website that contains:

Links to personality, fashion, fitness, relationship, spiritual, and other types of quizzes
A map where she can post in different places where she has been within a two hour distance from where she lives
On this map, users can also post their own version of what I said above
A daily devotion that would be pulled from her book, in which she will get on a cd and uploaded to the server
The ability to have users sign up and be able to do everything above, for a price per month
A blog about her and what she is doing and all sorts of stuff
Admin control
Budgeting tips, financial quizzes
(this is all for woman only btw)
Umm.....what else....O yeah with the map she wants to be able to have a line that reaches every location she has been to and when they hover or click it, it will show a message of a review or article of some sort that she posted.
First page survey that will display results in what test or quizzes they should take

I don't know, but too me it's too much and sounds complicated. I told her that I would try and come up with a proposal and see what I can do, being that I can only Xhtml and CSS a site, and am no where near capable of doing this sort of thing yet. I thought of using a cms and everything, but the most time she wants me to spend on this is 20hours and wants a proposal. There is no date for the proposal, but she wants me to make this as simple as can be. Any advice or suggestions? Please don't attack me about this either, I am just trying to gain some advice from some professionals who may have dealt with this sometime or another in their life. Thanks for you help guys. The money from this is going towards college and rent after the marriage so any help to make this easier for me to do is worth it.

P.S. I have been doing research for the past two weeks, so yes I have gone somewhere before posting. God Bless dudes and dudettes!

Re: Need some website advice for a client

First off, I doubt if pretty much anyone could get a site like that all done in 20 hours!

A CMS would certainly be the way to go.  I'd a thought you would be able to use categories: one for links with sub cats; one for the maps; one for the blog, etc.

For the map, some sort of google map geocoding would prob be the best option.  Most decent cms's will probably have some sort of addon/plugin for doing that sort of thing.  For instance, there's this for wp:

Another option might be to use something like ning:

I think the first job is probably letting the client know what big job this potentially could be!

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Re: Need some website advice for a client

I thought that I was right in guessing that would take over 20 hours, unless there was a team behind it all. Maybe I could mention that we could go without  some of her suggestions and see if we can find someway to reduce the time in which it can be done. Any more, people?

Re: Need some website advice for a client

Sounds like she needs a Facebook account.

(okay that wasn't very helpful, sorry)

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Re: Need some website advice for a client

She's got champagne taste and a beer budget.  Sounds to me like you would be biting off more than you could chew on this one.  Best thing would be to propose what you feel you can accomplish in the 20 hours and leave the rest for when she can afford more.  Be very specific on what you feel you can reasonably accomplish as this could turn out to be a nightmare.

That's my 2 cents :^{>

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Re: Need some website advice for a client

I agree with Maspick. Be very specific on what you can provide, given her 20 hour limit.

Another option, if she chooses to go the Facebook route, or something similar, is to offer your consulting services at an hourly rate. I've had several potential clients contact me with a limited budget. There's little I can offer in the way of a custom developed site, given their low budget. I referred them to setting up their own site with WordPress and ready-made themes, and offer my services at an hourly rate.

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Re: Need some website advice for a client

All I can say is you ought to help her understand what all goes into a site like that and why you need more hours to complete it - she seems a little misinformed.

Are you considering outsourcing this project any? If so, I'd be willing to help out with the development side of it!

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Re: Need some website advice for a client

Some if just sounds like a public weblog, with categories for each type of content she wants to display. That covers the non-interactive sections, and would be close to your hours limit. For the more interactive sections, those will be beyond your 20 hours.

The user interactive stuff sounds like a bunch of hours on its own, let alone integrated with maps, and blogging for users.
Plus, maspick's taste/budget line, you'd get her started small and make sure that what she wants is what she wants beyond the blogging/linking sections.

Re: Need some website advice for a client

If it were me I'd tell her that what she wants will take way more than 20 hours - bottom line.  I'd try and quote a very high number to either scare her off to avoid this crazy site, or if she bites then it would actually be worth it.

Agreed that she just needs a Facebook account with some apps installed though tongue

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Re: Need some website advice for a client

I got to agee with everyone (even if I'm hopping in two weeks late) and say that it sounds like way more than a 20 hour job.

Quiz links could be handled easy enough on her own with a blog setup and categories. Same with daily devotionals.

Then map could work with a plugin with Google or Yahoo easily enough if you did some searching.

The big problem I see would be the user database stuff and eCommerce work of having users pay for access. I've never done eCommerce, and being a front-end guy, that sorta stuff's outta my skillset.

But, if you could learn to use the Map plugins, the quizes, devotionals, and maps shouldn't be that hard, as long as she's not wanting you do upload all the content as well. If she wants you to do that to, I'd say do the 20 hours for design and coding, then start charging hourly for maintainance.

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