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In the web design business, what have you found to be the best in client management software.

For send invoices to clients, receiving client support tickets, etc.

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www.ubersmith.com smile

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I use Sidejobtrack.com for my client management/invoice software and have recently begun using backpack (www.backpackit.com) as a collaboration tool for organization and support.

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Blinksale is also good - http://blinksale.com/

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Active Collab and Bamboo Invoice are also good options.

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I really like BaseCamp  www.basecamphq.com

Active Collab is great too....basically a free verson of BaseCamp.

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Freshbooks http://freshbooks.com/ is also very nice for emailing invoices.

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I just installed the latest version of Bamboo Invoice on our server and it really nice and simple. Needs the LAMP stack to run and it's Free. Nice clean layout and does exactly what it needs to do.

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Specifically for invoices, I like Freshbooks (or LessAccounting).

For client support tickets, I will use Sifter when it's released.
For now, I've tried all kinds of things, including the tickets in Freshbooks, Basecamp, GoPlan, Lighthouse, and several others I'm forgetting.
Currently trying Projex and CoMindWork.

However, I've never been able to get a client to use them, so they just e-mail me and I enter them as tickets....

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For client and in-house collaboration, we started using the 30-day demo of activeCollab and bought it after two weeks. It takes a bit to figure out the right way to adapt it for your workflow, but so far we are loving it. SO much better than combing through weeks of emails to track a conversation! And their Support has been right on top of things, too.

It's not free any more, but I think the flat fee is very reasonable -- especially compared against a year or more of Basecamp monthly fees.

(Basecamp's To-Do list rocks more, tho', I have to admit!)

For invoicing:

I don't think sidejobtrack exists any more -- which is too bad, 'cause it was a pretty nice piece of work.

We used DesignSoft for about a year and a half. It did a good job 98% of the time, but it had some irksome bugs. One of which was, its reports weren't entirely reliable: I'd run a report for a given time, and there would be one project that was just plain missing from the list. Plus, the interface design was okay, but not pretty.

We switched to Harvest; haven't used it long enough to encounter too much, but it seems great in every respect so far. It even has a feature where it automatically emails you a friendly reminder if you leave your timer running for several hours!

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If you host your accounts also, I wouldn't overlook WHMCS.  My hosting company provides it for free (assuming others do also?) and it tightly integrates with WHM/CPanel.  It has support tickets, invoicing, domain renewals, etc.