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I am taking the plunge with WordPress and may have my first client on my hands. Just wondering what the going rate is to set up a blog these days as they are asking for an estimate.


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I typically look at what's involved in hourly chunks, and price accordingly.  For instance, they might need design (I figure about 5 hours for 3 comps), custom template (2 hours for an easy one), installation of WP and plugins (varies widely, but say maybe 3 hours)... so then I add up my probably hours (10 in this case) and multiply it out by my applicable hourly rate (I have different rates for ministries and individuals than companies).  That's my quote.  Sometimes they don't need design, or they're wanting to use a stock template, so the price varies.

All that said, to answer your actual question, a lot of my WordPress design-template-and-installations run about $500.

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Thank you bookchiq.

This is extremely helpful

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Price-wise, I would  count cost of hours, overhead + material (for "material", figuring investment in  equipment and annual maintenance/upgrade budget, divide by 12, then divide that amount by the hours-per-month I expect to dedicate to that client) Charge 150% of that cost, placing the extra third into the various things a corp employer would normally provide like insurance, taxes, & pension.