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So, how big does everybody make their widths for their websites? I have been making mine 750 px, but have been feeling really cramped. I want to try to still support the 800 x 600 monitors, but I am starting to wonder if there are enough of them out there to still support them.

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I usually stay around 750 as well.  I thing 768 was the largest I've done....with the exception of my own site since it's aimed at a more technically savvy crowd I made it 950px.

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Yeah, I tend to stick with 750/770 for 'main stream' and 900/950 for the 'I've got a big monitor' crowd wink

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For some reason, (COUGH COUGH) I've been using 960 for about a year now.

But, I generally don't care much about 800x600 unless the client says otherwise.
Of course, that's assuming I have enough content to show 960 wide, otherwise, 760 to the rescue.

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I was sticking with 800 - but since I've gotten into and since most monitors are running 1024x768, I've been coding for 960 wide. I don't know if others have the same problem, but I find it harder designing a site for 960 than 800...

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For the longest time, we designed to 800, but have moved up to 960 in the last few months.

That's my 2 cents :^{>

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I use 950, but I'm also one to make separate mobile device style sheets if I can. Really we're caught in the middle, cause on wide screens 950 can still look narrow, but any larger and you can't fit on a 1024x768 screen with a vertical scroll bar. I like the idea of an elastic layout that would go wider than 950, but I haven't pulled that off yet.

And 950 looks just fine on an iPhone. wink

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