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My wife and I are facing a pretty difficult choice about where to move.  Where we are currently living is 45 minutes from where I work, 30 minutes from our church, and 20 minutes from the school where our children will attend (all in different directions).

We've been running ourselves ragged just with work and church; I don't think we will be able to handle things when the kids start school.  So, we have decided that we need to move, but we are struggling with where to move.

If we move closer to our church, then we will also be pretty close to a school, but we will be over an hour away from where I work.  We will also be living in a rural area where tech jobs are not available.

If we move closer to where I work, then we will also be close to a school, but we will have to change our church membership.  This move would be towards "town" as us country folks say, and it would certainly be more convenient and economical.  The downside is that we really hate to leave our church.  It is the church my wife grew up in, we were married there, and I was baptized there.

We have pretty much decided to move towards "town", but we're not 100% sure.  We have prayed and given both options serious consideration and I just don't seem to feel a "peace" about either choice.

Please pray that God will guide our decision.

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Praying for you!

We live 30 mins. from our church, making the commute 2-3x / week (every day for my husband because he is on staff there).  We have found that driving far to church isn't so bad because we love our church so much.  Maybe you could stay there and just drive there, being closer to your job.

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You're on my list.  We are 35 minutes from our church and I work 22 minutes in another direction.  It can be really fun when I have to attend an evening meeting at church and go directly from work.  If anything, having your children in a school nearby your residence is the most prudent consideration, especially as the kids become involved in after-school activities.

That's my 2 cents :^{>

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Thanks for the prayers and insight.

We're still working through this.  We have a little time since our current house isn't quite ready to go on the market yet.

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Well...our house is on the market.  We decided to move close to our church and farther away from where I work.  The deciding factor was that we just didn't think we could handle subdivision life so we decided to stay in a rural area.

We found a house that we really liked, but the deal fell through.  There has been quite a bit of interest in our house so far, but no offers yet.