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on my online church-website I have a Menu on top of the page as HTML-Menu.
I know that a Menu integrated in a Flash-Header is bad for the rankpage and to Google to find the other pages behind it.

What is, if I use the Menu in my Flash-Header and integrate an another at the bottom a HTML-Menu?
Make it for Google a difference, if the Menu (HTML) comes at the end of the page?


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Re: Menu in Flash

If you're talking about
and I understand you're considering adding Flash to the header, then here's a few thoughts:

You're correct that navigation menus in Flash are not accessible to search engines.
They are also not accessible to some people, who might not have Flash for whatever reason. Some corporate environments, or most mobile devices, screen readers for blind users, etc.
(Menus that require Javascript are similar issues.)

If you're interested in navigation menus, try some of these links:

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Re: Menu in Flash

Hi, the question is, if a Menu on the bottom of the page will be less significant as a menu that are top of the page - for google?

If the answer is: no matter where the Menu is on the page, then I will go and put the Menu on top in a flash-Header and the other bottom from the page with HTML.

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Re: Menu in Flash

You'll quite often see that with (x)html/css sites, that the nav code is at the bottom of the page html wise (even if the screen design looks like it's up the top!).  I've heard opinions that this can actually be good SEO wise as it allows the search engines (and screen readers) to get straight into page contents rather than having to go through lines of nav first...  (as in one of my sites at:

If you got for the html menu at the bottom (and def a good idea to have an html one in there!), I'd also make sure that you add appropriate 'skip links' for screen readers.

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