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What are some ways I can advertise my freelance services, so that I could get more clients? I am going to create a business card so that I can go with the approach of handing them out to business that could use a website. What are some others?

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You may want to search the forum for "advertising".

Frankly, I'd start with the question of whether to advertise at all. In my case, I think it would attract the kind of clients I don't want anyway.

Next question is why? Just for some income, or to build a good portfolio?
If so, try these: … portfolio/ … asy-steps/

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I think we've talked about this a few times in Business Advice. Infact I think I started one of them.

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I've been successful with no real formal advertising at all. I've contacted past employers to let them know about my business and I have also sent emails to companies who are looking for work. (37Signals job boards, and various other ones that match the work I want to do). Also, let any of your friends/colleagues who are in the business know about your business as well.

What kind of work are you looking for?

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I am trying to look to build sites for anyone who needs one really. I would go more with a church or small business approach.

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Sorry, I meant what kind of work do you do: xhtml, css, javascript, php, java, ruby, sys-admin, etc?

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Xhtml and CSS. I also design layouts too.

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I've never had luck advertising... I say don't waste your money. Sure, you should list your services on free listing boards on the web, but a lot times they just generate spam because you need to list your email address. All these articles out there (for building up freelance clients) say to advertise, cold call, send out mass emails, but I think it's a load of you know what...

The best thing you can do is have a strong web portfolio, if you haven't done any work before offer a local church or your friends/family to do a website for free (make sure you put site credits with your link at the bottom). If you do a good job, believe me your name will spread.

Also, get your name out there. Go to blogs regularly and leave comments (make sure your adding something to the conversation). I always get site traffic just from people reading my comments on others blogs/forum postings.

Lastly (or maybe not) check the job listings. I find myself checking,, and regularly, and I have gotten work through them. I've even received work from the Job Opportunities section of the Godbit Forum.

Unfortunately, no matter what magic beans others are trying to sell you, it mostly just takes time and patience to get your name out there and for the work to come in.  I've been freelancing for the last four years, and I'm just starting to get regular work.

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Don't overlook the off-line world.

Try the local chamber of commerce.  Look for networking events.  Look for leads-trading groups.  Look for local "young professionals" groups.  Find local web development shops and see if you can get in the door to talk about being a contractor for them when they get overloaded, or possibly trading services when you get some work that you can't handle.

I've also never had to advertise - but the advantage I had when starting out was a decade of working in the local tech community.  I got a good number of jobs from people I had worked with at past clients.  Actually - every boss I had going back those 10 years became a client, amazingly.  Not all of them were at the same business, but they all had web needs.  Taught me to never burn bridges...;)

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You can also try to get a fulltime gig in a local business and that will allow your portfolio to grow. Given that your employer allows you to show the work on your portfolio. something that you must discuss when getting a job.

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What about slapping some fliers around or trying to get a spot in the local newspaper or designing and handing out a business card? Do you think that is a good approach?

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I don't think a newspaper spot would be much good, most people aren't browsing through the paper looking for designers.

A business card is always a good idea.  Maybe leave them at places or hand them to store owners, etc.  Always keep some in your wallet too because you never know when it will come up in conversation!

I've also heard that being listed in your local chamber of commerce can be helpful, but I believe it usually costs several hundred dollars - so that may not be worth it to you.  It's not to me.  But if someone is in need of a specialized service like design or something, they may look there.

Alternatively, maybe look through the chamber site and see if there are any competitors near you. see what they do.  Maybe even apply for a job with them.  Not sure if you're open to this, but its a good way to do what you want and have a more steady income.

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Business card = definitely.

Chamber of Commerce - check it out.  My local one has member and non-member rates for events, I chose to not buy membership and just pay the higher non-member rates for the events I choose to go to.  So far it hasn't led to any real work but I've had a few decent leads.  Actually I should probably see what's on their schedule and go again -- although they are pretty light during the summer.