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hi i was wondering if some one could help me i am greek orthodox and i come from a very strict family my grandfather is near enough a priest in the greek orthodox church and is very strict but i go into my church and i really dont understand what is going on i dont understand anything but about three weeks ago my best friend is a very good christian she goes to church everysunday and is very religious her church had a crusade and she asked me to go along to it so i did i enjoyed it very much and it had a major impact on me i went up for prayer and i really did feel something i loved it so much because i understand it so much better then in my church im sure i felt the holy spirit well since then i started going to her church everysunday and every one is like where is she going my sisters thought i was going to meet a boy or something but i told my mum about it and she agreed to let me go to her church but she s not happy about it at all she goes as long as you dont think about getting baptized or n e think else and it like really upsets me because everytime i come back from her church she is like i dont understand why you are going you dont need to you are orthodox and thats that i dont want you going anymore but i still go i dont no what to do because this wont be able to last forever what if i want to get baptized ten my mum will just put her footdown and then probly tell my grandad and my whole family wil be against it totally they cus even disown me or anytthing like that they would do soomething like that i no they would has anyone got any advice foe me thank you for reading god bless you all

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Niki -

I can't advise what is correct for you.  One's connection to God is an individual and personal thing and ultimately cannot be dictated by anyone.  I was raised as a Roman Catholic, including all of my formal schooling from kindergarten through my one full year of college and my first marriage.  However, from the time I entered high school on, I didn't attend mass unless it was a required school function.  Suffice it to say I was not a practicing Catholic and I avoided Christians of any sort because all they wanted to do was convince me of my sin and save me from myself.  I was in my forties when I encountered genuine followers of Christ and they, including my new wife, showed me the way to an actual relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

There are a large variety of Christian denominations (in which I include those who classify themselves as non-denominational) and, while most hold to the same core beliefs, each has similarities and differences with the others.  I believe that when a person finds a place that genuinely draws them closer to God, then it's probably good to stay for a time.  I would caution against being irreverent to your parents, especially if you have not come of age.  God has called us to be respectful to our parents, even when we disagree with them.  They are being true to their faith and are concerned that your salvation is secure.  You might bring your friend to meet your mother so that your mother can get a sense of her and have some assurance you're not being led into some dangerous cult.  Breaking with tradition is a painful thing for all involved.

That's my 2 cents :^{>

Honored to Serve for Him - Tom ('Mas) Pickering <)><

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Your post sounds wonderful and exciting.

My only advice is to keep going to the church, focus on Jesus, and dive into the Bible.

Praying for you, and may God bless you.

"I was blind, but now I see!"  John 9:25

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My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know it must be very hard break away from family tradition especially when it involves religion. Montgomery provides some really good advice. You should keep seeking Christ and dive into the Bible, but like Maspick mentioned be mindful of you're parents because the Bible teaches us to honor our father and mother. It is important that you listen to the Holy Spirit. If you feel Him drawing you to that Church then you should do everything you can to attend.

He will return...

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Hi Niki... Your post is very encouraging and it's great to see the small spark that has been light by the gospel, and watching those encouraging licks of flame come to life as you learn about your newfound faith in Jesus Christ.

I too, was raised Roman Catholic, and along with maspick, I can empathize with your situation.

Be encouraged by your newfound faith and the community of friends you have to support you... many do not so it sounds like you have a great group of believers to help you in your walk.

As for your family, as mentioned, certainly be respectful. You have, and will, receive opposition, but even Christ said that he will cause divisions among fathers and son, mothers and daughters, because His message will not be accepted by everyone.

As someone in a similar situation, all we can do is show them what Christ is doing in our lives; how He has set us free from the captivity of ritual and tradition in to the freedom of his forgiveness and grace. I have a sister I will be visiting this weekend and she is deep into Eastern Spiritualism and I have a long way to go with her in terms of sharing the gospel, but I have hope that Christ will work in her through my efforts to show her the truth.

Continue learning about your faith and stay in the word: read your Bible, join a small group or Bible study, read good Christian books, listen to other sermons on the internet. I would recommend Ligonier Ministries and Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. RZIM has a lot of great resources that will help you defend the faith such as "Why would you be a Christian" and why Christianity is the one way and not any other. Both these sites have Podcasts too, if you have iTunes on your computer or an iPod

I would also humbly submit my own site which I started last week: The Reformed Christian, at which is aimed at sharing the Gospel to the Roman Catholic community. There are 80 MILLION people in the united states who are shielded from the Gospel message... I hope God can use us to penetrate that shield.

I'm so glad I stumbled across the GodBit site because I agree with the webmaster that the Christian websphere has a lot of catchup to do... let us all work in whatever we do, online or offline, for the Glory of God and get His message out.

Keep in touch, and let us know how your walk progresses and how we can continue to pray for you and your family.

In Him,


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Anthony -

ocaptain wrote:

I would also humbly submit my own site which I started last week: The Reformed Christian, at which is aimed at sharing the Gospel to the Roman Catholic community. There are 80 MILLION people in the united states who are shielded from the Gospel message... I hope God can use us to penetrate that shield.

This link takes me to the Christian Superstore???  I found nothing about what you mention.

Honored to Serve for Him - Tom ('Mas) Pickering <)><

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niki, if you're still seeking...

here's a good place to hear some excellent teaching; you can listen online for free: (the site is kinda ugly, but Chip Ingram is a really sound teacher and very easy to listen to.) on this page, you'll just have access to whatever he happens to be teaching this week.

if you don't mind spending some money, and you want something more specific to your search, here is a study that i have gone through and can highly recommend: it's called "God, as He longs for you to see Him," and no matter your background, you'll get a deeper understanding of who God really is.

here's another one that sounds like it's maybe where you're at, but i don't know anything about it firsthand:

"We were created spiritual being. Inside each one of us is a hunger to experience God, whether we recognize it or not. Unfortunately, many of us either ignore this need or seek to meet it with religious activities and spiritual duties. But true spirituality is a journey, an incredible voyage that calls you to experience God in a deeply personal way. If you are tired of seeking after things that never seem to satisfy, this series will help set the compass of your soul toward TRUE spirituality and launch you on a journey that will change your life."

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my posting yesterday was done in haste; i was answering a question you didn't really ask. i was answering "how can i grow as a christian without going to church?" but you asked, "how do i become a christian?"

it sounds like you already are!

romans 9:9 & 10 say that if you believe in your heart that Jesus really is God -- and ruler over everything, including you -- and if you tell others about your belief, then you *are* saved; saved from the eternal consequences of your sin.

God is the only one who can truly know the state of your heart, but from the response you've had so far, it sounds like He has given you a new heart!

re: your question about what church you go to, and displeasing your mum... there are true christians in the orthodox church, and false ones; the same is true in every church. but if you feel the church of your mom's choice is not teaching the truth, the bible has an answer. there's a story in 2 Kings about a man whose faith conflicted with what was required of him by someone in authority over him. His name was Naaman and he was not an israelite (not part of God's chosen people) but because God did an amazing thing for him, he came to believe in God. But his boss was king, and part of Naaman's job required him to assist the king when he went to the temple of a false god to pray. And because the king would lean on this man's arm to bow down there, this would force him to bow also. Naaman asked to be forgiven for kneeling there because it was just part of his job, and Elisha (God's spokesman at the time) granted it. (this is in 2 Kings 5.)

so my advice would be this: if you *can* go to a church that teaches the truth about Jesus and does it in a way you can understand, and do this with your mum's okay, then go! but if not, then as long as you are under your mum's authority (living in her home or supported by her), then you need to do as she wishes, and God will honor your obedience to her as if it were obedience to Him. (Ephesians 6:1-3) but if that is the case, then i would strongly encourage you to seek truth in other places -- start with the bible*!! -- and seek other sources of Christian friendship to encourage you and help you grow in your faith.

and that, i guess, is why i pointed you to the online sources for teaching.

*if the only bible you have is one that is in old-time language that you can't understand (such as King James Version, or KJV), get yourself one that you can understand; there are different translations that say the same thing but say it in modern language. Some good ones to try are NIV, NIrV, and New Living. "the message", translated by Eugene Peterson, is also easy to understand. if you like the poetic sounds of the old translation you're used to hearing in church, but find it hard to read, a *New* King James translation may be right for you. it retains the poetic cadence of th KJV, but updates the thees and thous to you, and so forth. Here's a great resource that will let you sample different translations:

blessings, niki. (and others reading this who are wondering how to find God.) keep seeking Him! James 4:8 says that if you come near to God -- if you are wanting and searching for Him -- that He will come near to you. He *wants* you to find Him!

Jana    -- daily beggar; daughter beloved