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I am trying to get automated builds and continuous integration going.   I have some decent msbuild scripts that will produce localhost/staging/production builds and I have been playing around with CI Factory for continuous integration.  I'm making progress but it seems to be slow going.  Anyone else have experience setting something like this up?

I've also been looking at NAnt as an alternative to msbuild.  Anyone have an opinion on NAnt vs msbuild?


Re: Automated builds / Continuous integration

We are in the early stages of doing continuous integration at my company as well.  I've got a stellar developer on my team that has some experience with NAnt, so that is the direction we're going for automated builds.  For continuous integration we're using CruiseControl.NET.  We're taking tips from Jean-Paul Boodhoo's blog.  Boodhoo is not only an incredibly brilliant dude and prolific blogger, he's also a believerJeffrey Palermo is also a brilliant guy and has a lot to say about test-driven development, automated builds, and continuous integration.  Oh, and he's a believer, too smile

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Re: Automated builds / Continuous integration

Thanks for the info. I have been reading both of those guys' blogs for a while now and they are great resources.  I did not know that Jefferey Palermo was a believer.

I actually spoke to JP Boodhoo briefly via email and he inspired me to get involved in building a Christian software development community.  It was that conversation that brought me back to Godbit and resulted in this post reminds me, I need to get back on that task).

I think that I am going to go with NAnt, my msbuild scripts are pretty complicated for something that would be relatively simple in NAnt.  The web deployment projects provided an easy way to get started with msbuild, but even simple conditional template expansion feels like a hack.  I wanted to keep the build process within Visual Studio for the other developers I work with, but today I discovered that this is possible with NAnt as well.

CI Factory is an accelerator package for CruiseControl.Net.  There are several built in packages for tools such as NCover, NDepend, Simian, etc.  There is a DNRTV screencast that shows CI Factory in action.  I have a test CC.Net project up and running via CI Factory and it's not difficult to set up, but I think it is a bit much for my needs since I don't have licenses for most of the commercial products that are integrated.  I think I'll watch JP Boodhoo's CC.Net screencast and see what is involved in setting up a "base" install of CC.Net.

BTW, great work on