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I'm having problems with a Flash MP3 player I downloaded from this site and used code generator to generate the code used for this specific player. Basicly the problem is that once the player loads, you click on play and it never plays. It looks like its loading the song, but never does. Flash is like way out of my range, even though this should be simple. So I would greatly appreciate any help you all could provide.

I've run it through a HTML validator but it won't validate (Edit: The document now validates, but the player will not work.). The error it produces can be found here. The actual document is here click the "play" button to see the results of the error with the player. Here's the exact code for the player (note: this also contains PHP because once the finish product is done it will need to be to be in PHP so I could hook it up to the DB's):

print "<object type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" data=\"\" width=\"17\" height=\"17\">
<param name=\"movie\" value=\"\" />
<img src=\"noflash.gif\" width=\"17\" height=\"17\" alt=\"MP3 Player\" />

If any of you have any ideas, let me know or if you have any questions about the problem itself, let me know. Thanks very much!


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Update: The document now validates.

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The PHP side of this is out of my league, but maybe the problem is in the flash player?  When you downloaded this, did it give you an fla that you edited or just the swf?  If there is a Flash issue, I might be able to help you out.

I recently came across this awesome xml mp3 player for flash I we just used on a project.  I skinned it and removed several components, but it's very solid and works like a champ.

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Thanks very much for your resonse! I think its just a flash issue...maybe. I am 99% sure its not an issue with the PHP code since that part of it is in its simplest form. I am wondering if the problem has to do with the code that tells the browser where all the files are and such. By that I mean, this code:

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data=";song_url=;" width="17" height="17">
<param name="movie" value=";song_url=;" />
<img src="noflash.gif" width="17" height="17" alt="MP3 Player" />

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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