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This is looking pretty slick.

Been playing around and I think my activerecord days are definitely numbered!

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Datamapper has been around for a bit - thanks for bringing it back up, I'd forgotten about it. It follows Martin Fowler's DataMapper pattern instead of his ActiveRecord (hence ActiveRecord) pattern. There's also sequel ( which is another ORM that is pretty nice - I've been playing with it as of recently.

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Thats awesome Robert. Curious what your first impressions are of Sequel. There certainly is not enough coverage of ActiveRecord alternatives these days. Maybe it could make for an interesting article here in Godbit.. food for thought.

I am playing with Datamapper a bit now and really loving the Rubyness of it all. It still has quite a few kinks to work out and some key features have not yet been implemented. But I tell you, once we get models, migrations and table management happening in one place, there will be no going back!

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I like sequel and I like datamapper. Not really sure which I'd prefer, but I like playing around with new things. I still really like ActiveRecord though.

I'd be interested in messing around and putting together Swiftiply, Event-Driven Mongrel, HAML/SASS, and datamapper. Just have to find the time. neutral

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Of all those things I have only tried Haml/Sass and I really love it. Haml is so awesome, I will never code raw HTML for the rest of my natural life! In trunk Sass let you use partials, via the import command, so its easy to build a CSS framework to bootstrap your projects.

I highly recommend you check it out!

Also worth giving a look is make_resourceful, from the same developers. You radically DRY up your controllers but still have massive flexibility. … esentation