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I am a freelance trying to find some work, I'm considering coding one template for free for anybody who could offer me some paid work in the near future. It will be only xhtml/css coding, but I could help eventually integrate it into a cms if needed.

I would like to see a few links to layouts first, and I will choose one of them and code it. The code will be xhtml strict and it will validate, will be tested in all major browsers.

Please PM me or post in this thread.

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Nobody interested?

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more about yourself might help bro.

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I can't speak for others, and come to this from a business perspective that all projects might not share, but if I'm doing a project for a client I'd be really hesitant to use someone for coding without any kind of example work to go on.

I actually *do* hire out the XHTML/CSS translation of designs on many projects - and have used 3-4 different services to do so with varying degrees of success. 

But if you don't even have a site for yourself that I can go look at to get some idea of your skillset then - honestly - I'm not going to look any further.

Maybe you should be your own first client?

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Hey!  We are willing to give you a try... how long is your offer good for?  We don't have layout ready yet!


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Hi there, the offer is still in place since the people have been skeptical around here smile So if you come up with a nice design, I'll gladly code it for you.

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I have a nice design can you still help?

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Hey AJ,

Give me a call -- I have some work I want to send your way!



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Hi guys,

Sorry, I'm too busy for the moment, but if you need some good xhtml/css coding you can contact Adrian from minuspink.com, I don't know if he'll do it for free though smile