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I'm at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, and we recently wrote a php-based tool to keep track of our ministries and classes. We want to release the software for any church/organization to use, but before we do so, I'd like to have some php gurus review the code and look for ways to improve the application and most importantly, plug any security holes.

If you have some time to spare and would like to help out, email me at amaddox [at] cfbc [dot] org.


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sent ya an email

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Tank is better than I in that regard, but I'll help if needed.  Lemme know.

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I was looking at creating a similar solution.  See this thread:

I'd be interested to see what your solution is like.  Is there some place I'd be able to take a look?


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I have created a demo version of the site at

username: preview
password: test

Poke around, see what you think... I'd love to hear your comments!

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This is great!!! I love it -- is it something that our church plant could use?


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aim, that looks great. I'm not sure some of the features would be used very much by some churches (I'm in a middle-of-the-road Anglican church) but the overall look and functionality is excellent. Well done!

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Looks nifty! I was just poking around the "People" part. Man, that "Lastname" family have really taken over! smile But I did wonder: how could individual's names be grouped into larger units? Most churches I'm familiar with would probably expect that the "People" data could produce an in-house contact list, and these are often grouped by families. It wasn't clear to me how this relational linking would work?

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Very impressive. I think DjR has a good question about the family grouping. The ability to add a list of members under one family head would be useful to a lot of churchs beccause families often share one address and phone number so a Church wouldn't want to send multiple letters to the same house.

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I like it as well.

Would the final product be something that churches could install on their own domain?


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sccrwoohoo -> yes, this is something you (or any church) could use. right now, we're in the process of cleaning up the code, checking security, and figuring out the best way to package it.

chrisT -> thanks!

DjR -> this isn't a full-fledge ChMS, it's just a way of keeping ministries / classes up-to-date on the website. I suppose it could evolve into something like that, but we don't have the time to build that into the system, but maybe someday...

Mithrill -> Also, great point. We only keep track of phone number and emails in this system. We let another local program keep track of our addresses and such.

Robert -> Yes, I'd love to get to the point. We're at the revision and packaging stage right now.

That being said, we still plan to release the code, but I suppose it will be a few months (I'm guessing August), before anything significant is done. Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions... I appreciate them all, and if anyone is interesting in doing some work on the project, let me know...