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Hi All,
I'm working on making a jukebox, which, to me works in Firefox on Mac, and IE 6 in Windows.... can you guys check it in your browsers and let me know what you see, and if it works? My client says that it isn't working, but I've tried it in all browsers and to me, it seems to work.

Here's the URLs that have the jukebox code on it: … k-of-songs

I'm not really sure what's going on, whether or not he needs to update his flash player, run another browser or what...
To create the jukebox, I logged into, and made the list, hard coding where each MP3 was on the server, as well as the images. then I outputted the code and pasted it into my cms made simple pages.

Could any of those elements be conflicting? For now, I just want to see if it's working for everyone else.

Thanks for the help!
God Bless!

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Re: XSPF Flash Player,, flash player woes


You comment that you have tested in ff on mac and ie on win. yet you also say that you've tried in all browsers but you don't list all those other browsers...

This sounds to me like the problem may be the flash player that your client is using. You may be testing your application in all browsers with flash player 8 while the client has flash player 7 in their computers.

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Re: XSPF Flash Player,, flash player woes

Another explanation could be how the flash is embedded in your html.  The default method that Macromedia/Adobe uses is actually quite bad.

I personally use SWFObject -

It's very easy to use and provides you with a lot of options, all while passing W3C validation.  You can even provide alternate HTML content if the person doesn't have flash installed.