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Hey guys--

Locally, there is only one real design company in my town. They are in fact responsible for a good amount of the websites that come out of this area. The problem is, they are not all that good. You can tell from their site and some of the stuff they designed that they don't use web standards (why, oh why would you use table tags in a div?!?) and it appears that they use templates for a lot of the stuff they make.

I want to offer my services to them and their clients, but I'm not sure how to tell them politely, "Your stuff stinks." Alternatively, I'd like to maybe forget working with them and just crank out better stuff than them. But like I said, a good deal of the profitable businesses here already use them. I don't want to be unethical about it: "Hey xyz company, your site falls far short of what it could be because those guys made it. Why don't I build you a better one?"

How should I handle this?

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Re: How to talk to a competitor

Denver has a lot of web designers, and I only know a few. I don't think about competing with them...they're never on my mind. I simply offer my services and let the chips fall where they may. Think about this: when word gets around that someone else in town makes better and prettier websites for less money, who do you think they'll come to? smile

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Re: How to talk to a competitor

Micah -

Time and consistency will win usually.  My wife and I have been in business for nearly 12 years, and we've done almost no advertising.  It's safe to say 99 percent of our business has come from word of mouth referrals from happy customers.  Understand, too, that most customers are not aware of web standards and their impact on the site.  If it looks reasonable and doesn't cost an arm and a leg, they'll go for it.

That's my 2¢.  :^{>

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