Topic: The Making of Flash 8

For those of you who think I absolutely hate Flash, let me dispell that myth. Heck, I've even got the book Essentials of Flash 8 on pre-order right now, and will receive it later this month.

What I do hate is usage of anything when the entire purpose is just using it because you can. There's the old saying "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Case in point: Most of Macromedia's (okay, they're Adobe now) website is HTML, even though they are the authors of Flash. For a good example of the perfect use of Flash, check this out...

It is a video of what it went into making Flash, complete with sub-titles for those who are hearing impaired. That, pretty much is the only way to do this type of thing, aside from differing video formats. It has sound, so it's accessible to the blind, it has sub-titles to accomodate for the deaf. And, only the video portion is Flash, the rest of the page is HTML. So yeah: go out there, have fun and use Flash. Just do it responsibly, and keep disabled people in mind.

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Re: The Making of Flash 8

I had watched this about a week back. I found the sub-titles useful at work since I don't have speakers or a headset I couldn't hear but I could just read what they were saying. It was a very nice video as well.

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