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Anyone know how to output a list of all files in a folder with ActionScript?  Preferably as an array.

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You could write a simple PHP script that reads to and then feeds it to ActionScript.

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Doh!!  With all of it's powers now, I forget that ActionScript is still a client side language.  It's going to have to be PHP on the server side then.  Thanks for the reminder.

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Yeah, it would be that hard to write such a thing in PHP, and then you could output it as XML or as a delimited variable list.

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Just to jump in and offer some code of mine

function dir2xml($path) {
$dirname = $path;
if(strlen($dirname) > 3) {
	if(strrpos($dirname, "\\")) {$dirname = substr($dirname, strrpos($dirname, "\\")+1); }
	if(strrpos($dirname, "/")) {$dirname = substr($dirname, strrpos($dirname, "/")+1); }
	if(strrpos($dirname, DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR)) {$dirname = substr($dirname, strrpos($dirname, DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR)+1); }
echo "<node label=\"$dirname\" branch=\"true\">\n";
if ($dir = opendir($path))
       while (false !== ($file = readdir($dir)))
           if ($file != '.' && $file != '..')
			   if(!is_dir($path.$file)) {
            		echo "<node label=\"".$file."\" />" ."\n";
				} else {
       closedir ($dir) ;
   echo "</node>\n";
//Set path here


var myTreeDP:XML = new XML();
myTreeDP.ignoreWhite = true;
myTreeDP.onLoad = function() {
  myTree.dataProvider = this;
var treeListener:Object = new Object();
treeListener.change = function(evt:Object) {
  trace("selected node is: ";
myTree.addEventListener("change", treeListener);

Dumps the directory specified in the bottom of the code to a tree in Flash MX 2004 Pro

Use or not, I don't mind smile

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Thanks for the excellent code.  It'll sure save me some time.