Topic: One-page HTML5 / CSS3 template for outreach ministry.

I am needing a one-page template designed (see … s/personal for examples of what I mean by one-page) for a Christian ministry. I would like it to be coded in HTML5, styled using CSS3 (since this is only one page, I am wanting a major focus on typography and elements), and enhanced with AJAX (ie, page fades). I do not need a contact form or dynamic content, since this site will be static for the most part, and features like a contact form I can easily do myself so long as it is styled with the design.

The ministry is called (the site is not up, but the name and domain are the same), and is an outreach ministry in which I carry a large wooden cross. I will only be providing static or semi-dynamic content on the site, so this is a project focused on the design and not the development.

A logo is being designed, but not complete yet, so I cannot provide that yet. I do not have a color scheme yet, and this may largely be determined by the finished logo, but I am after neutral colors, and I desire a clean, smooth, rounded look. Seeing this is a one-page site it can be an image-heavy template, but I don't want the design to distract from the content, just so long as the design immerses you into the content (if that makes any sense).

Re: One-page HTML5 / CSS3 template for outreach ministry.

Did you ever get someone for this job? If not, I'd definitely be interested. I've done quite a bit of work in HTML5, CSS3 and can do all the cool jQuery animations you were speaking of. I even created a CSS3-only sticky note and some CSS3 progress bars that made their way around the internet a few months ago.

Since I don't have a full-fledged portfolio up yet, here are a few sites I've designed in the past:

You could also check out my Dribbble shots to see a bit more of my work.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.