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So, I was recently involved in a church where we sort of split.

Half the congregation joined with another church and half stayed at their current location. I was part of the half that went to the other church.

Anyways, I had been the website volunteer manager for 3 or so years before the split. When I left, I hadn't given any of the login info to anyone, but I told them to get in touch with me and I'd be more than willing to show them how things were.

Long story short, no one contacted me before changing anything, and instead, they changed the login info for the web host and web panel without giving me a chance to archive the old files (sermons, etc.).

The person doing it now isn't really tech savy, and is using Google Sites to run things. I kindly asked if I could have the login info so I could archive the old files for myself, but they said no.

This is probably more me venting than anything, but it sort of made me upset that they would say no to that request. Am I wrong for being upset? Well, I know it's wrong to be angry, but I guess it just sort of rubs me the wrong way. Am I wrong for asking them for the login info they changed so I can archive the files myself?

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I think that you're rightfully upset. It's not "wrong" or a sin to be angry. It's what you do in that moment of anger that defines you. Jesus was "righteously indignant" when he overturned the money changers' tables in the temple.

Anyway, that said: I'm not sure there's much you can do at this point. You're with the other off-shoot church, and those that stayed have opted to cut off outside contact. While I agree this is unfortunate, from a legal standpoint all the content on their site is theirs to do with as they choose, even if that means destroying it without allowing anyone to archive it.

Even if the pastor who delivered those sermons is now at the new church, I believe the "intellectual property" of the recordings themselves belongs to the original church, since the content was created while in the church's employ.

So yeah, it is what it is. I feel your pain of being disappointed in how Christians handle themselves. We're all flawed, and when the chips are down that often shows through in the worst of ways. Further proof that we all need Jesus.

Give me liturgy or give me death.

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It's sad when church congregations break up!  Most of the time it is due to someone not letting the *WORD* of *GOD* lead them or by letting the *WORD* of *GOD* lead them out of an un-*GOD*-ly  situation that usually causes a break up!  Most of the time someone has to be wrong;  I'm not judging no one as I'm not privy to what took place!   But whenever this happens;  because it usually is not a scriptural break-up on one of the two parts; (whichever it may be);  that someone is not going to cooperate with the others! 

There are usually strong feelings of religious convictions or maybe just hurt that makes people react in un-*GOD*-ly ways!  As much as you are mad about it;  you probably should not let it get the best of you because I have found that as much time that is put into web-sites and sermons;   there never seems to be a shortage of the *WORD* of *GOD* and as much work as you put into it can be a stumbling block to you and cause you to react in the wrong way!

Most of all; walk humbly before *GOD* and let things be as I'm reminded so many times on how Joseph reacted when he was lied about and then locked away for a time before being restored!  And what about when Jacob worked seven years for Rachel and was tricked into receiving Leah first and he worked another seven years to obtain the one to whom he was done wrong about!

*GOD* is the one with all the answers and sometimes it hurts us;  but we must take a wrong as said by Paul to one of the church congregations that was suing one another before the unjust of the world (I believe he was reproving the Corinthians about that;  if I'm not wrong)!

Hang on to *GOD* and overcome evil with good;  always showing those who act un-*GOD*-ly what it is to be a *CHRIST*--ian always being directed by the *WORD* of *GOD*!   I hope this helps you out!
                                 As for me and my house;  we will serve the *LORD*!

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