Topic: Sermons - WordPress Transfer?

I mange a church website over at

Long story short, the pastor is leaving, and has set up his own website at

I'm using WordPress to run them.

I had a question though in regards to transferring all of the sermons from the church site to his personal site. I don't have the best knowledge of this, but what might be the quickest and most efficient way to transfer those sermons from the church site to his personal site?

Right now I'm thinking I'd have to download and then re-upload/tag all the files....

Re: Sermons - WordPress Transfer?

If they need retagging, yep I'm afraid it will prob be a long job.  If they don't need retagging you could try doing a backup/transfer of the /audio folder using cpanel tools.

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Re: Sermons - WordPress Transfer?

If you are just looking to copy the files over and not worry about all the WP stuff then you can do it all from command line. On the church website SSH in and  tar/gzip the directory that all the files are in. Then SSH in to the new website and use teh wget command to grab the gzip'd file. Then unzip it and there are all your files.

If you need all the WP data then dump the data out of the tables associated with that plugin and import it to the new database. You might have to update any absolute paths, if that plugin stores them. I can't recall if it does or not. We use that plugin on our church site but I modified it heavily to do what we wanted.

It's fairly messy either way. But dowloading and uploading is a heck of a task with that much data. Wget will let you transfer server to server. Google gzip and wget commands and that should help you figure the details out.

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