Topic: Looking for 1 Great Person (Front-end Designer/Developer)

Syna, Syner, Sinur - what the?

What in the world is Synergema? We can get to that later, in the mean time here is what we do.

We deliver exciting web and social media experiences that enable organizations to do what they do better. In fact, that’s all we do. We don’t sell advertising. We don’t handle PR. We don’t design documents, collateral or trade show materials. We focus, totally and exclusively, on the Internet, from Web sites to custom applications. Continued at blah, blah, blah... what makes us tic? Simple, we like people, the web, and interacting with both.

What's involved in this role?
- You'll put on your thinking cap (strategy) and jump into the mix, no side liners here!
- You'll take ownership of a project from the get go and own that baby all the way to the end. You will be the conductor of the project life cycle symphony. If an instrument doesn't sound right, then tune it up!
- You'll be the head of Synergema Care (not maintenance) supporting clients and guiding them to the next best thing for their site. You can bring the vision!
- You'll use your Web skills (HTML 5/CSS 2 & 3/PHP) to be one of the wizards behind the curtain.
- You can use your Creative design (Photoshop) juices to, invent, inspire, and ignite.
- You'll use your leadership quality's to bring others along on your journey.
- And you'll laugh, play, and work with people who share your optimistic perspective. Dead serious, is dead!

Summary - You'll be a thinker, a front-end designer, a front-end developer, and someone who is pro-active with clients giving solutions to problems they have yet to identify to make their experience much stronger.

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Synergema embarks with its clients on a voyage toward clear communication of vital truths. Destinations vary, but our essential commitments do not.