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Hey ya'll, I'm a fellow web designer that has been working with a fast growing prison ministry called Bridges to Life.  I built the site a couple of years ago when I was first starting in web design.  I'd like to find an experienced web designer that can design a clean, beautiful, and attractive site for a fast growing ministry. 

Let me give you some background info on this ministry.  It's a 501 (c) 3 ministry that was started by John Sage after his sister was murdered in Houston, TX, back in the 90's.  You can read how the ministry works here -

Shortly after I redesigned their site, they were featured in Texas Monthly magazine with a 9 page spread, along with some other slideshow stories that were posted to  They are ministering to prisoners in many prisons throughout Texas, and are expanding into other states, such as Louisiana, Florida, Colorado, and soon in North Carolina.  They also have a book that they use and sell to others throughout the world that deals with forgiveness, reconciliation, repentance, trust, confession, and restitution.  Needless to say, prisoners lives are being changed by the truth of God's word, penetrating their hearts, as they come to understand how they've hurt people, and more importantly God.

If you're interested, I'd love to see what kind of design work you've done.  Also, the site will be imported into Wordpress for managing the content.  The current site uses Textpattern, and unfortunately, it's not as user-friendly as I thought it would be for this client.  I need something even more user-friendly! 

If you're interested in learning more about the project, you can call me at 713-899-3365, or email me at

The budget for this project is $5,000.


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Re: Looking to Hire for Huge Redesign

Did you ever get this bid out? Do you still need help?

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