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So, what's your take on Apple's new device? Do you really care?

I know for one, that I see this as the next personal computer. Now, there are some limitations to it, as only being allowed to run what's in the App Store, not having Flash is a huge letdown, and not multitasking. Yet, almost all of these can be fixed with a software update, and will be. If we really begin to look at what an average person does on a computer is simply check email, browse the web, make documents, and organize photos. Not to mention, a big selling point of the iPad is the the new iBook Store, which will also add another selling point to the average user, especially people who are in college with most major textbook publishers on board. This device is positioned to the average user because of it's ease of use with multitouch, and because of it's long battery life.

Now, most of us(web devs & designers read:GEEKS!) are not really going to want one of these because a) we already have a iPhone/Touch or b) too much stuff is hindering it. We were the ones who were really wanting to be impressed by this device. We wanted something as awesome and amazing as the iPhone and instead, what we got was an iPhone made bigger. This device is not for us. This device is for our parents and/or relatives, the people who we are always complaining about having to go to their house and fix their email. With the iPad, everything is made simple for them. I truly believe that this is the first nail in the coffin for not only netbooks, but for also personal computers as well.

Call me crazy? Sure. The iPad in it's current form is not going to kill personal computers, but it is oh so very close to being able to. One thing that Apple most do is add some ports! Adapters, really Apple? I am very positive that we will see one USB and one card reader with the next iPad, along with a mini-DisplayPort. As I said before, the iPhone OS will need to have some changes, but for the iPad to kill the personal computer, it will need to run it's own OS. It will need to be able to install apps that don't come from the App Store. The process can be done just how Firefox installs third-party add-ons, warns you about how this is a third-party app, and could harm your computer.

All in all, it will be very interesting to see how Apple progresses with this device, as they are going into something blind. They seem to have more power and resources behind this than they did with the Apple TV. It will be interesting to see once this thing hits the market to see how many people buy one, and actually use it! I'm excited to play with one though!

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Honestly I have been super underwhelmed with this device, based on what I've seen and theorycrafting. I would not be surprised to see it drop by the wayside much like the Macbook Air did.

The App store for the iPhone is pretty good, minus some of the stuff they've kept out and their slow approval process and other various limitations. I wouldn't want a computer of mine to be that locked down. You would have to jailbreak the iPad just to get it close to the customization level of a regular desktop computer.

A lot of people are saying "this is great for people who just want to surf the web and check email, etc.," but netbooks are already doing that, and they can watch Flash movies, too. And for an average person, I would guess they would want to see a mouse and keyboard, because that's what they're accustomed to. And if it doesn't come with the device, they'd at least want to be able to plug in the ones they already have, which you can't do because of the lack of ports.

It does have some things going for it, and I think price is one of them. It's not super cheap, but it's competitive with low-end laptops, and well below what other tablet PCs have been at (and remember tablet PCs have been around for a long time, yet never very popular, so the iPad has a lot to prove if it can make tablet PCs commonplace).

I think it has potential in the book market, but I don't think the book or print world will be revolutionized by this device, though it's certainly a step in that direction. If I had to put a target audience on the device, I would say that college or even high school students might be appropriate, if text books ever become digital. And I would want a stylus, so I can take notes during class.

All this is theory pretty much, so I could be dead wrong. I just have a gut feeling that this won't become that popular. I certainly don't want one or feel a need for having one, and I'm sure there are many more like me who feel the same (and probably comprise a good % of the potential market for the product).

I'm definitely interested to seeing how it plays out.

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The Flash aspect, I think, is the thing that is going to turn people away from the device. I think before the tablet comes out, Apple will preview iPhone OS 4.0, and it will have Flash as well as multitasking. I don't think people care about a mouse and keyboard anymore, even the older crowd. The touch-OS is one of the easiest OS for everybody to navigate. I'm not saying that the iPad in it current form is going to be killing PC's, but it is the first nail in the coffin.

It seems that Apple, and especially Jobs, is dedicated to keeping the iPad at the front of the crowd. All of the geeks I have talked to have said the same thing that you did, but all of the non-geeks have said it is amazing, and that they will be ordering one when it comes out. The geeks are only a small part of Apple's fanbase now. The teens and their parents are their main target audience.

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Guess I haven't seen too many teens and parents buying Apple computers (outside of iPhone/iPod), but hopefully for Apple this device will make them more comfortable doing so.

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All I have to say is... DO WANT. There's a lot of potential in this device (note the word potential). It is obviously not meant for your typical computer user, or even us web design geeks. Tablet computers have been around for a while, and they've had lackluster success. Perhaps with Apple refocusing the tablet computer, making it thinner, lighter, using an OS that's _meant_ for touch computer, perhaps tablet computing will finally take off.

If I didn't play an MMO like I do now, I'd seriously consider getting one and using it as my primary computing device.

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Am I correct in that the iPad has to be synced up to another computer just like the iPhone? It's not a stand alone device? If that's so, holy cow, that's terrible…

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Good question bccarlso. I think that you at least need an initial sync to get everything on there, but I guess if you don't use iTunes to buy your music or need to import a CD then I guess you would need to sync it with a computer. It would be nice to see Apple use their LaLa acquisition to implement a cloud-based iTunes or something similar.

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I am a Apple fan boy, and the ipad is very disappointing. I personally was expecting a high powered mini computer that could do everything. This is a toy!!!!! bccarlso point is also a good point.

Cloud computing is the next thing, so if this could be linked to a server in the sky, that would be a step in the right direction. I have been following the webOS. If I heard correctly, if someone looses their phone, when they get a replacement and after it is activated, all the info from their lost phone is downloaded to their new phone in 5 minutes. Now that is what the iPad needs. A os that does not need a computer.



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i know i am a bit late but as a designer i can see it being quite handy for showing off your portfolio on the fly etc, but the big thing that i didnt like was the resolution, give me a slightly larger res astir in some flash and i think i could be sold on it... realistically though, i'd still buy a netbook in preference sad i love a tactile keyboard, but for portability.... hmm tough choice...

Maybe like the iPhone, they will hit the sweetspot by the third gen?

let's just wait and see.


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