Topic: The ever elusive Error: #1010 in AS3

I've got some flash with a dynamic text field in a child movie clip. When I try to run this code from the main timeline:

this.sermons.morning.stitle1.stitle1_txt.text = "Hello World!";

(and yes, that's the code in it's entirety)

It pops up this error:

TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
	at home_fla::MainTimeline/frame1()

I must admit I'm a bit stumped. Not being especially familiar with AS3 in the first place, I don't see how things are undefined.

EDIT: Ok... think the problem stems from the objects not existing at frame 1 when the code runs. Any ideas on how I get it to delay (run this at frame 40, this at frame 45, etc.)?

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