Topic: Shopping Cart, Javascript errot?


Hope you are have been well.

I have a website problem that  I can't figure out, and neither can my shopping cart people. I write and sell Christian books. (An company) handles all of the backend.

I want a one click "Add to Cart" button on the site (as it is), to make purchasing a one-click experience. Sure, I can do with two clicks and send buyer to the Create Space purchase page, where they then have to click to add it to their cart.

Anyway with FireFox 3.5 ONLY (other browsers work fine) two instances of the new window are opened, and two copies of the book are then put into the shopping cart. Understanding why this happens is probably beyond my ability to understand. But I'd sure like a fix.

The Create Space programmers said that they don't know why its happening, and don't have a fix (other than the two-click solution).

Thanks in advance for looking and thinking about it.

The site: Choose any book and try to order one in Firefox 3.5.