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I am trying to display flickr photos on an EE site for my church. I have used phpFlickr and successfully accomplished this at: 

but when I try to use eeFlickr I'm having no luck. I don't get errors or anything, I just get no pictures displayed. I have
already posted in EE forums but have got no response. I just wanted to take a shot on Godbit and see if anyone had any

I have already:
1. Installed eeFickr module
2. Put in my Flickr API in the modules setting
3. Put the following code in my template 

{exp:eeflickr:photos_search  user_id="44570630@N02" page="{segment_4}" per_page="16"}
        <div style="float:left; text-align:center; height:80px; width:80px; overflow:hidden;">
          <a href="/picture/{id}/"><img src="http://farm{farm}{server}/{id}_{secret}_s.jpg" alt="{title}" /></a>

I have tried so many different things this code is just copied and pasted from the eeFlickr page in an attempt to get
something.  You can find more info at:

Re: eeFlickr help?

I know phpFlickr, but it has been a while since I used it the last time. I never used eeFlickr. After a quick look at the eeFlickr site, I would suggest to set the parameter «sign» to «yes» within the exp:eeflickr:photos_search tag, for this will allow to display non public photos of your own account.

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Re: eeFlickr help?

Thanks for the try John but still no luck. I used phpFlickr successfully on a my static site, but if I try to use it in my EE templates I get LOTS of php code at the top of my page. That's why I started trying eeFlickr, but still no luck.

Any other ideas?

Re: eeFlickr help?


When you said you tried to use PHP in your EE templates, did you make sure you allowed PHP in the template settings?