Topic: 960 Grid System Help!! Argh!!


I'm struggling and i'm in need of some desperate help! (i hope this is in the right place....)

I can't be arsed to lie to you so this is how it is:

I'm a student who, in my spare time, designs a couple of websites. I always sort of really skimped on the whole doing it properly thing, so when it came for my personal website to be redesigned i thought i would start from scratch making everything work nice.

I looked around and decided to build my new website around Nathan Smith's 960 Grid System. Its all going fine and dandy until i want two columns on one page different lengths. I'm designing my contact page, and i want a form in one side (which works out 'higher') than the contact details on the other side. BUT the page seems to wrap to the shortest column.  I have commented out some details to exaggerate the effect. The same problem also occurs with my blog page (but don't even go there...)

So... to sum it up. I've tried putting divs and paragraphs and everything under the sun around the form to get the page to wrap to the longest column but to no anyone?

Thank you so much in advance - its been bugging me for weeks!

Re: 960 Grid System Help!! Argh!!

There's a height value on .grid_8 on line 20 of your css.  Take it out and things look a lot better!

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Re: 960 Grid System Help!! Argh!!

you LEGEND. Thank you