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Hey All,

I would love your input and thoughts on one of my newest projects. It's a church site built from scratch on the Expression Engine platform. It includes events, pod-casting, video, e-commerce, online giving, live streaming, etc. Thank you in advance for your time.



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Re: Christ Church Kirkland Site Design

Hey Josh,

Overall I like the look of the site.  The one thing I didn't like was the background color of the drop down menus.  Perhaps if you had it match the color of the elements in the background, as well as making them semi-transparent.  Just my observation. 

Another thing, and I don't think it's my provider, but the site takes a while to load.   This was the case in both Safari and Chrome.

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Re: Christ Church Kirkland Site Design

I agree with all that onetruth said! Perhaps the drop down back could have a little bit more blue in to make it more purple.

It also took ages to load for me...

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