Topic: Grid 960 and IE glitch

I created a site (prototype only, it'll never go "live" live), using the grid. Perfect in every sense!! Not the site!!- the grid smile

But in IE6, the second row with 6 columns, wraps the last 2 columns. I feel I need to sort this. We're developing a free site for a client at school, and I think any of the potential clients will be using older PCs perhaps with IE 6. I'm not prepared to spend weeks sorting it out, but I thought there may be someone on this forum who has made the same error as me, and got things out of whack. Even at school we're still on IE6.

I have 2 style sheets  style.css and 960.css. The 960 one can be found here -

I'd appreciate any advice you may have. My browser is 1280 x 1024. That's the only error I can see I've made, but I haven't attempted to validate yet. I'd appreciate any advice you may have.


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