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I'm developing a site for small groups at our church and I've got a box of content on my main page. The fixed-height box is too small to fit all the content, so I want to hide what can't be seen and allow the user to reveal the rest of the information with a simple button click.

I was hoping to get a recommendation on how to accomplish that as I've hit a dead end. The link below, is the page in development, and the content box I'm referring to is on the right. Do you mind taking a look and letting me know what you think, or sending me examples of other sites that you think do it well?

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Not jquery but what about overflow:scroll; on it?!  You'd need to set a height on the containing div.

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That's probably the best solution, but I'm not totally crazy about it sad I made the change anyhow because it get's the job done until (or if) I come up with something I like it more.

Any idea if I can style the scroll bar?

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The overflow: scroll just doesn't seem to fit the page.

You can style the scroll bar in IE, but not in firefox, safari, chrome, etc.

Here's an idea:
What about taking the first line ("Fusion Groups are small groups of 8-15 people that meet weekly for 3 months to grow, serve, and play.") and then putting a link under that: "More information". That link pops up some sort of modal box, lightbox, thickbox, etc. with the remaining content in it. Under the initial line of text, you can have an image of some sort to fill the space.

Alternatively, something like this might be what you're looking for: (with vertical scroll instead of horizontal, of course)

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