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Gracepoint After Five ( just released a new PNG optimization service called punypng (  It's a great a tool to reduce the size of PNGs (and JPEGs as well).  If you ever used a tool like, punypng is very much in the same vein, but with better compression and a cleaner user experience.  I'd love to get feedback on it.

Also, the idea behind the Gracepoint After Five is that a lot of the volunteer staff at our church actually have day jobs in the design community.  For us, the line between work and church isn't that clean cut.  We get to create great tools for use in-house, and it's our goal to make these free to everyone, for the benefit of the church at large.  punypng is definitely on the nerdy-side, but it's the first of many product releases, where we get to make our church web services available to the public for free.
As many of us have design jobs in the SF Bay Area / Silicon Valley area, I pray we may all steward our gifts/talents, and not just leave them at the door after we leave work.

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Wow, punypng is featured on Ajaxian. Sweet!

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I used punypng this weekend, and I loved it. It worked great, cutting my file size between 6% - 60%. It is now a must use on every site for me.

Thanks guys and best of luck!