Topic: New Logo for Contemporary Worship Service

Hey guys, here is a logo I made for my church's contemporary worship service. Tell me what ya think!

Re: New Logo for Contemporary Worship Service

It feels like you've got two different style fighting each other. The background wallpaper has a more grungy feels, while the gradated text w/ a reflection feels more modern. I don't think they go very well together.

Also, your text adds depth with the reflection, but the conflicts with the flat wallpaper. Maybe you could make the BG look like it's a wall and the ground, so the text looks like it's sitting on the ground.

Great start!

Re: New Logo for Contemporary Worship Service

Nice colours! One thought: the reflection shouldn't overlap the main text it is reflection, I think. Some even like to leave a tiny gap between main image and the reflection, and that works for me. At least, though, I think you want to drop your reflections down a few pixels.

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