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I would really appreciate some guidence with a skip linking problem that i'm having!  I'm working with the church site where i attend service and the original developer has long been gone.  We have a FAQ page that is made up with php; jscript; xhtml and MySQL.  I can code everything needed through cpanel in phpMyadmin.  I want to be able to skip to different locations on this page such as matching a question up with the answer.

I have tried diiferent ways of linking and cannot find the right combination.  I have the code used that links the Top Of Page located at various places within this page;  but i cannot figure out how to skip from Questions to the answers with-in this same page as it uses an admin-cpanel on site combination as you can see the reference to admin in the Top Of Page code below.

When i use this method - <a href="#Question_1">Something Question</a>  and then at the location i want to go to within this same page;  i have used---
<a name="Question_1">Something Question?</a>  and it misses up the whole output of the page!

I have tried code similiar to the code below like this -- <a href="">Something Question</a>

And then where i want to skip to -- href="" target="_self"></a>
<a name="Question_3">Something Question</a> (I know this is not correct;  but i though i'd try it and when i did;  it makes the admin login screen pop up requesting the username and password on the client side!

Here is the top of page code that works for Top Of Page purposes--- (Is there a way that i can modify this code to do what i need? )

<a href="" target="_self">Back To Top</a><a href="" target="_self"></a>

Thank you all once again for any and all help that you can give me concerning this!
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Re: Need code help for skip linking

Just figured it out!  Thanks anyway!
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