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I had a soft launch of the site I've been working on yesterday. I'd love to get a critique on the site, so I can make improvements prior to the official launch.

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Wow... That looks fabulous!  I didn't click through past the main page, but I didn't notice anything I would change...

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Hi Jim -- Partly what Rich said: beautiful site!

A couple quick suggestions/observations from me (FWIW category!):

1. The thin banner that runs to the right of the blue "Join our mailing list" button near the bottom of the page doesn't seem to fill its "3d" area vertically. I'm not sure if it's supposed to look like that, but I would have expected the dark brown to fill that area, rather than having 10px or so of light-brown running along the bottom.

2. One of the "tab" links off the right of the big main graphic: the label has "What we're about", but the link has "Who we are", and that's what you see when you click through. Is it worth making those the same?

Meanwhile, looks like a job well done!

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I really like the website! It's cool to see churches in 'my area' doing a good job with tech. I grew up down the road in Edmonds, and went to church in Lynnwood. I know exactly where they are, and am sure they're grateful for your hard work.

On a related note, I *ALWAYS* check out a designer's website when I like their work. Your site is missing a whole bunch of case you haven't checked on it lately. smile

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@DjR: Thanks for the suggestions. I will bring them to my team and see what they think.

@generalhavok: I've checked lately. I just haven't worked on lately. I've been so busy with this site, that my site was put by the wayside.

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overall the website looks fantastic. i am impressed by the concept, the style, the colors, the logo and also the pictures. but i wanted you to know, that there appear some ugly scroll bars at the first page around (bottom and right side of) the java slideshow while i am using firefox 2 on my mac. but i can imagine, that depends on this old browser version. unfortunately it doesnt appear when i do screenshots.

over-all: great job and i can imagine: that was a lot of work!

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