Topic: Design customizable navigation?

I have designed many sites with EE now but oddly enough I have never had to design a site that allowed the client to customize their own navigation as needed down the road.

I was wondering how I could do this. I mean I know I could create a generic weblog for "nav" buttons but that wouldn't actually be the links based on page creations etc.

For example  I give the client a site with 4 buttons but in 3 months they want to add a youth group button under the ministries, or they want to add add a contact button to the home page nav.

How do I do that?

Re: Design customizable navigation?

Would they need to create a weblog with the new link? If so, then I think it would be easier just for you to do it for them, especially if they have no knowledge of coding. I guess I am still a little confused by what's going on.

Re: Design customizable navigation?

I would just create a new template called "Nav" and give them access to it. In your template use {embed="template_group/template"} to include it on the page. It's easier than trying to dynamically pull in all your navigation... I learned that the hard way.

Re: Design customizable navigation?

It's going to depend on how you've set things up.  I typically don't design top-level nav to be dynamic, but under that everything is.

I certainly never give clients access to the templates - that's just asking for trouble.

Take a look at this tutorial - it shows how to power one section of a website with one weblog and one template, and all clients need  to do to add a page is to publish a new post to the weblog.