Topic: Trying to establish my business

Have only recently setup my business, my website is here There's a detailed quote form, if you'd like to hire me complete the quote form and I'll get started on your project(s). I have a few projects on the go however I can handle more and my rates are very low right now while I'm trying to establish my business. I'm typically offereing ..

Informational site : $150
Dynamic site : $200
Cart system : $250
CMS : $250 to $400

A lot depends on your exact requirements and of course the more time I spend on a project the more special it becomes. I also offer hosting and domain registration for $24.75 a year, basic SEO and SEO guidance for $50.

Regards, John Baker.

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Re: Trying to establish my business

Hey I know my post sounds a bit spammy however it's really not, I'm a freelance designer. I created my site entirely, without help. OnlineWD is not a company although I can see why it might come across that way.