Topic: We are looking for a junior-mid level Front-end Designer/Developer

Company: Synergema
Job Title: Front-End Tickerer

What We Believe:
Your web site is an extension of your organization, not a virtual billboard. It should be engaging, inspired, and authentic. It should compel people to action. To get there, we take the time and energy needed to understand your organization. We look in corners and closets that everyone else ignores to discover everything unique about you. We ask curious, probing, and sometimes we ask hard questions to drill down to the best solutions. Best of all, we partner with you to create something more than a destination... a powerful, lasting web experience that enables your organization to evolve and flourish.

    * We're about engaging web experiences
    * We're about creative, custom solutions, in both design and development
    * We're about lasting partnerships with our clients, keeping their needs first

Most of all, we're about you and composing a web experience that inspires your audience.

Synergema delivers a full range of products and services that enable organizations to develop dynamic Internet solutions. In fact, that’s all we do. We don’t sell advertising. We don’t handle PR. We focus, totally and exclusively, on the Internet and its attendant technologies, from Web sites to email marketing to custom applications.

Job Description:
We are seeking a front-end designer/developer. What does this mean? Basically it means that you know how to design beautiful sites, and then you can create the XHTML/CSS Web Standard code to display properly across a number of browsers. This also means that you know how to ticker with JavaScript and do some fun stuff.

What We Are Not Looking For:
Let's just be honest and just get this out of the way, we don't want to sound harsh but these questions will come up....

- We want someone that has passion and truly understands that sometimes it may take 12 hours to get the job done rather than saying, "Its 5 o'clock - see you later". So if you do not have exceptional work ethics and will not go the extra mile to finish a project even if that means crazy hours, we'll probably exhaust you (LOL).

- If you are a head-hunter or another development or design firm (especially if your overseas) looking for us outsource our work - we don't want to hear from you at all!

- If you are freelancer and are not interested in full-time employment - we love you, but this job isn't for you.

- If you are not within a two hour drive of 19372 (I guess it depends on how quick you drive) - this isn't the right job for you (although we do allow for the virtual office).

We Want to Hear From You:
We are looking for the following skill-sets:

    * Excellent interpersonal, organizational, communication, and multitasking skills a must (OCD is a recommended condition for this position )
    * Developing in Web standards-based XHTML & CSS (we love Jeffrey Zeldman)
    * Effect-based JavaScript (slides, hides, animation, etc.)
    * Comfortable working in an all MAC environment
    * Knowledge of Accessibility & Usability best practices and latest techniques (Section 508, WCAG, If you've never heard of Jakob Nielsen, you're probably not qualified. )
    * Photoshop
    * Flash & ActionScript a plus
    * Search Engine Optimization knowledge a plus
    * Information Architecture / Wireframing experience a plus

If the above list didn't discourage you and you are up for it, we would love to hear from you - please contact us showing us your 3 best examples of your best work and skills - please email us at or PM through GodBit.


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