Topic: Logo & Theme Design - Nissi Project - for billboards, website, ads...

Hey guys,
I'm part of a team that has recently been working on an evangelism project - Nissi Project.

We're looking for a freelance designer (or firm) to design a logo and theme/stationery for the project.
For creative brief and contract details see here: … gn/details

A little about the project
The mission of the project is to counter the demise of our culture in general sinfulness and turning from God, to prompt deeper thought by the general public about faith, eternity and God, and to support and affirm the body of Christ. The goal is to spread God's light and truth to the world.

The Plan
The general plan is to place advertisements, consisting of key verses of scripture, on billboards, web ads, taxi cabs, etc. (at this stage). Later we'll be considering TV, radio, newspaper and more, wherever God leads. We are open to partnering with freelance musicians, artists, speakers, entertainers, businessmen, cooks/caterers, translators, <name your gifting here> - whoever feels God's calling to join us in this mission.

Locations of Use
The internet outreach (ie: website, web ads, etc.) will be global (by nature); we are preparing to launch web advertisments on Google Search, Windows Live Search and Facebook (using the advertising suites of each). The billboard and taxi advertising effort will primarily take place in the Dallas, Boston and San Francisco areas in the beginning stages of the project, and will expand from there.

More Info/Contact
For more info about the project see notice we don't have a logo yet
Or contact Hannon Sparks (the project leader/steward) at

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