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This afternoon, my wife took our 3 year old daughter to the doctors, for what we thought was a urinary tract infection. Instead, she has type 1 diabetes with her insulin over 500 (she should be under 200 after eating and around 150 normally). So, we are in Children's hospital for the next 3 days for her and us to learn how to do insulin shots and checks.

Prayers for her would be awesome and prayers for my wife, who is pregnant with twins, to keep her stress low, would be appreciated.

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Just prayed for you and family.  I still could recall how I felt when my daughter was in hospital for almost a week when she was 3.  She was under IV for several days and I stayed with her day and night in the (public) hospital.  I was miserable and couldn't let out my feelings as then God was still outside my life.  It's always so good that God is with us always.  Lean on him for comfort and peace. Hope to hear the good news from you soon.

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Will be praying for you and your family Robert.

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Robert Evans,  Children are truly a blessing from *GOD*!  I know;  i was blessed with a son who is 11yrs old!  He had a problem a few years back with epileptic type seizures.  It tears your heart out to see your children fighting with these sort of situations!  He was on some powerful medication for approx. 2yrs with no reoccurances;  thanks be to *GOD*!

I say all this to say your daughter and family will be in my prayers!  One thing that has really helped me out during rough times is this scripture in Ro 8:28- And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

I cannot help but encourage you to hang in there!  *GOD* always knows the outcome when we struggle with things that are this hard!  I will also put your daughter on our prayer board at the congregation where i worship.   I hope that you find comfort in this and in all those who have stepped up to pray for your daughter and family!  My heart goes out to you all!
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Thanks for the prayers everyone. We got home yesterday and she is doing good. She's on 2-3 shots of insulin a day (4-6 shots a day to check her sugar levels as well), everyday for the rest of her life that should maintain her sugar levels and allow her cells to use the sugar for energy since her pancreas is pretty much shot.