Topic: Trying to get margins right:

Hey guys check out this page;

I am trying to get that left navigation menu to come up flush with the white area in the content, so that when you are on the current page I can have a white background for the nav links and it can give it that sort of tabbed look. Let me show you an image of what it should look like:

I tried doing a negative margin of 25px to the right, but it wasn't budging. Any suggestions?


Ok I managed to get the position right, but the only issue I am running into now is trying to get the active state of the link to have a white background. How can I do that?

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Re: Trying to get margins right:

# vertical_nav a:active {

Re: Trying to get margins right:

You know I tried that and it wouldn't work for some reason. Only when I clicked on it did it work. I fixed the issue and am going to have to designate a specific background for each individual page. Then the "brilliant coder" as they say will do the rest dynamically, so he won't have to worry about doing it for each page.

I have something new for you guys. The logo.png isn't showing up on internet explorer 7 for some reason. Any idea? Ie6 is completely out of whack, but she told me no browser specific stylesheets, so I am just going to leave it alone. Thanks guys.

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logo shows up for me in IE7. IE6 doesnt support .pngs... but there are hacks to make it work.

Re: Trying to get margins right:

I think I got it fixed before you guys were able to check it out thanks to @destoroyer. They told me no browser specific stylsheets so I am completely ignoring ie6 until I can figure out other means. Thanks guys.