Topic: temporary file

Hey all

first of all I'm new big_smile so hy

my question is regarding the temporary file, I'm running 2 CMS systems on my xampp local server, the first is called PHP-nuke and the second is Nuke evolution (which is build from phpnuke)

I created an upload module for both and they work great on real webservers, however on localhost I have the following problem:

when uploaded it does not show the proper path (the "\" are missing, but this only happens locally not on real webservers) -> Temp file: C:xampptmpphp42B6.tmp

while in regular phpnuke it works fine -> Temp file: C:\xampp\tmp\phpEB72.tmp

it uses the same settings so why are the "\" missing? someone suggested me addcslashes function ... but it's not a script for me and I don't know the path of the temporary file of the person who will be using the upload module.

hope anyone can help me out smile