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I have been working on a new church logo and was wondering if people could give me an opinion on colour choice


Both me and the other guy I designed with think the first red/orange one is a stronger image however we both really like the idea of a wider variety of colours representing the diversity in our church so almost want the second or third to be better

If you have any other colour combinations you think would work feel free to suggest somethign completely different


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Mark -

The first is stronger by far.  The other two are way too soft.

I have a suggestion - The "cross" needs to have the horizontal "segments" be black as well so that the cross emerges from the other segments.  The need for this is very apparent when you greyscale the image and the concept of the cross gets lost.

That's my 2 cents :^{>

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Re: Color choice for church logo

Personally, I like both. But I think it depends on what your church is going for. I tend to lean toward the first because they are stronger and warmer colors. On the other hand, I know at least one person with whom I have spoken (at my church) that would pass on the warmer and go with the softer because they feel that it fits their perspective of our church. Like you also mentioned, I think the second option will lend itself to a wider range of applications, which may help especially if you're designing for what most people would call "fresh and youthy"... I could ramble on, but I think you get where I'm going. I hope that was helpful. smile

Re: Color choice for church logo

If you go with maspick and make the hoz black (which I also think is a good idea) you'd then have four 'diags' to colour and four colours you could put in them!

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Re: Color choice for church logo

Thanks for your feedback.

I quite like abstracting out the cross a bit to be honest. Not so much it is not recognisable but enough that it warrants a couple of seconds glance.
However I will definitely take your advice for when we're producing black and white material (which is quite a bit - bulletins, newspaper ads etc)