Topic: The weirdest IE conflict I've ever had.....

Ok guys put your thinking camps on. Here's the deal:

I have been using a embed player on my page to broadcast our services live for almost 3 months. I switched to mogulus last week and now when I embed the player in my page it cause my separate chat window ( to not appear ONLY IN IE 6 & 7. (Works fin in Firefox and safari Windows and MAC)

If I pull out the player my chat comes back. I'm guessing that the mogulus javascript file is causing some type of problem.

Any ideas?

Re: The weirdest IE conflict I've ever had.....


I am working in our "VMN" (vernacular media network) ministry and I am using iWeb 3. I wanted to use "ZEN FLASH GALLERY" or "LIGHT BOX" to make my photo gallery more elegant to look. My problem is, I dont know how to use them in iWeb. My knowledge in javascripting is limited. Is there somebody out there have a joyful have heart and let and give instructions?

Gob bless you

In Him,