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Hey guys, I am going to be designing a slew of websites for a music booking company here in town. Anyways, here is the first site I am designing. Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated!

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Is the header their logo? If not try doing something that will pop or stand out. Also, try adding some more padding in your lists as well, ,maybe add some images of artists, djs, etc... to the front page and grab the viewers attention a bit or try naming some of the biggest artists in that area. Good start.

Re: Booking Company Site Mockup

Dang, I thought I replied here. The header is not their logo, thankfully.

I will keep working on it and see what I can come up with. I assume that when you say lists, you mean the navigation?

I will be adding a whole bunch of artists and all sorts of other content on the home page. Just wanted to see what you guys wanted to say on the design.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions!