Topic: Problem Loading MP3s with XML

I'm trying to create an MP3 player in Flash 8 using a few tutorials. Everything is working out well except for loading the mp3s with an xml file. I get the error

Error opening URL "file:///C|/wamp/www/path/to/file/undefined

I've read and re-read and made sure there no problems in the functions or in the XML file but I still get this error. Anybody know what's creating the problem?

Re: Problem Loading MP3s with XML

At first sight you can tell that your code is not detecting the right variable that is why you are getting an undefined.

It is hard to be able to tell you what to fix without seing more code. is there anyway you can show us the code that is parsing the XML or the function that is calling your mp3 files?

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Re: Problem Loading MP3s with XML

Helmut, thanks for the offer of help. I think the problem was the tutorial I was using was compatible with Actionscript 1.0 in Flash MX and I was using Flash 8, AS 2.0. I saved it as Flash MX 2004, AS 1.0 and it runs perfectly. Thanks again.