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hey guys, sorry I am not a web developer (network engineer) but I am helping out with our Church website. I was wondering if you had any advice of a CMS that has a "member portal" plugin. Maybe dotnetnuke or joomla. Looking for a plugin that wouldn't require a lot of backend programing, but would give us the functionality where a member could login, lookup other members contact info etc, also possibly email church wide emails etc.
Thanks for your help in advance! We are a small church, so I would like to do this for little or no money at all if possible.



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Maybe StaffTool?

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I wondered that as well!

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ExpressionEngine can handle that information as well. The member module is very powerful.
But unfortunately, to develop the site, requires template programming, which might be beyond your scope.

For doing church wide emails, you could use the Mailing List functionality, but I'd recommend using Campaign Monitor or something else as a dedicated email service. But EE can handle it if that's beyond your budget.

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Yeah, EE immediately came to mind as well. But there'd definitely be some development involved, which might push it outside your budget.

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hey randompackets, I'm the stafftool guy... if you're interested in checking out what we have, ping me. It sounds like it would be a good match, especially with some of the stuff I'm working on for future versions. Let me know!

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Cobblestone is in beta (an app we are building) to do this very thing: