Topic: Site Redesign

I'm heading up a team of people relaunching our church's website and I'm looking for some feedback on our front page design.

You can view it here... let me know what you think.

Re: Site Redesign

I like the design a whole lot! I just got 2 things. Random paint splatter? I would either have more splatters somewhere, or no splatters at all. I think either would look good. The other is the navigation needs to be defined a little bit better, because I am not sure which is the nav; the tabs or the sidebar links!?!

Re: Site Redesign

Here's an update on where we are at.

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

Re: Site Redesign

Like the direction things are going. I'm confused a little by the nav. "Who we are" is orange while "see & hear" is circled. These seem to be rollover states or an indicator of what section you are in but... feels like there are 2 different styles which is a little confusing.

I would also flush out the "this weeks sermon" section. Text is kinda hard to read and the bullets seem out of place. This section could be flushed out a little more.

Re: Site Redesign

don't have a lot to offer, but I like where you are going.

I'm guessing that you are showing orange for the page you are currently on, and the circle for hover?