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Lifestyle Media Group, has freelance in the categories of web producer and web designer.

Lifestyle Media Group produces Faith & Fitness Magazine and map A Travel Lifestyle Magazine  Our media makes connections between active lifestyle interests and the Christian faith.

Do you enjoy high quality, entertaining and compelling content on the web?  Would you like to use your talents and knowledge to bring that kind of content to the web?  We're looking for the next generation of passionate  professionals that want to make media that sizzles.  We want individuals on our team who want to push the edge, set an example and impact culture. 

We are looking to fill two immediate openings for a WEB PRODUCER and a WEB DESIGNER.  If you know Drupal, PHP, HTML and CSS you are an excellent candidate.

The web producer position is a relatively simple job of web page creation.  You will take text from Word Documents and JPG images and create our magazines' web pages.  These pages can be produced in an hour or less.  Each magazine has about 15 pages per bimonthly issue.  We want two web producers - one per magazine brand.

The web designer position is ideal for the more creative and technically minded candidate.  This person will make design changes and additions to our magazines to enhance the style of our brands and add new features.

Neither of these position requires relocation. 

If you are interested, first take a look at our magazines then send your resume and contact information to

Re: Magazines seeking web producer and designer

I'd be interested in talking with you guys on what you may need in a designer. I"ll email you my resume, contact info, and portfolio.

Feel free to contact me as well.
helloaaron [ at ]

Re: Magazines seeking web producer and designer

Thanks to those who have viewed my listing already.

It is worth mentioning that I would be interested to talk with people on the business development side of the world too.  Cutting edge web technology is very important.  Along with that there is a huge need for the development of a modern communications company that can transcend what the established Christian communication companies do and present faith-influenced media in popular culture.  That is gonna take some sharp business savvy, influence and lots of bucks.